Oh how we love free stuff, and we also love the look on the wife's face when we bring it home!  Here is what's free on Craig's List this week!

Remember, one man's junk is another man's trip to the dump.  Or, something like that.

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    There's free sand available in Lewiston!  Yup, just cart away as much as you'd like for the kid's sand box, your own personal beach or baseball diamond, or something for the cat to dig into. You may want to leave the Corolla at home and bring a truck.

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    Sectional Couch

    There's this free sectional couch in Hampden!  It may be a little worn, but apparently it came from a non-smoking family with no pets in the house, so you've got that going for you. Haul it out to camp, invite 10 of your special friends out for a Saturday night of drinking, and dirty it up!

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    Face it, you pounded down far too many chocolate peanut butter filled eggs this past Easter. Now's the time to walk it off and shed away a few of those winter pounds, and who likes walkin' outdoors where people can see you exploding out of your spandex? Check out this Sears Pro- Form Cross Walk Tread Mill that's available in Belfast.  The belt's a little frayed, but aren't we all.

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    Moving Boxes

    Here's a bunch of moving boxes on corner of Oak and Sixth Streets in Old Town, or at least they were. We can't guarantee that they still are, because, well, these boxes move. BaHaHaHaHa!

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    Mobile Home

    Here's a free mobile home that resides in the Augusta area. It still has its axle and tires, but honestly, how mobile is anything that's been sitting since 1964. Speaking of which, this would make a great mother-law's apartment!

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    Here's a free bunny rabbit from Brunswick. Yes, now that Easter is over, it's out the door with Bugs.

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