There are many cemeteries in Ellsworth, but it seems that the most popular of Ellsworth's deceased are buried at Woodbine on Outer Main Street/Washington Junction Road.

We used to figure out which of the thousands of dearly deceased buried within Ellsworth truly made a name for themselves across the country.  Here is what we found.

Phillip Haynes Lord  (1902-1975)

Haynes was an educator, actor and radio personality who was born in Vermont.  In his heyday, he created a radio show called "Gang Busters", which ran on NBC Radio for two decades, before turning into a comic book, TV series and finally a movie of the same name.  Phillip Lord has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and is buried in the Woodbine Cemetery.

Eugene Hale (1836-1918)

Born in Turner, Maine, Hale was an Ellsworth attorney and a prosecuting attorney for Hancock County before being elected to the Maine Legislature.  He would eventually be elected to the U.S. Senate, a position that he held for thirty years.   The Senator Hale Hose Company of the Ellsworth Fire Department is named after him. According to the City Of Ellsworth's website, the foundation where his home once stood can still be seen behind Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.  Hale is also buried at the Woodbine Cemetery.

Frederick Hale (1874-1963)

Following in his famous father's footsteps, Frederick, son of Eugene and a graduate of Harvard, served as a United States Senator between 1917 and 1941.  Hale's grandfather, Zachariah Chandler, was also a U.S. Senator.  Hale was born in Michigan and died at the age of 89 in Portland where he had retired. He too is buried in Woodbine Cemetery.

John Andrew Peters (1864-1953)

Peters was born in Ellsworth and was a graduate of Bowdoin College. He would return to his hometown to practice law, and eventually end up being a judge of municipal court in Ellsworth.  The house at 68 State Street in Ellsworth and current home to the Hancock County District Attorney is where Peters practiced law. Peters served in the U.S. Congress between 1913 and 1922.  He then would go on to serve as a judge for the United States District Court of Maine and as Vice President of the Bowdoin College Board of Trustees.  Peters is buried in Woodbine Cemetery. His uncle, also John Andrew Peters, was also a congressman and judge and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor.