I don't understand this. This adorable dog was found last night on the Crooked Road in Bar Harbor and brought to the Bar Harbor Public Safety Building. When no one claimed him, Diana de los Santos, the Animal Control officer brought him to the SPCA of Hancock County, where he is currently, almost 20 hours after being found.

How can someone not know who this beautiful dog is? It breaks my heart that the owner isn't frantically looking for him, or is looking in the wrong place. A dog that was hopefully living in a nice loving warm home is now in the shelter, wondering if his owner is ever going to return.

Chances are one of two things has happened, an elderly owner who isn't on social media doesn't know how to locate their dog, and he's been found, or the dog has been abandoned.

If you know who this dog belongs to please call the SPCA of Hancock County at 667-8088. The dog's right ear is disfigured.