What started back in late November ends tonight! The MDI Girls go for the Gold Ball at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, when they play Lake Region starting at 7:05 PM. We will have the game on WDEA AM 1370 and WDEA Internet Radio, with the pregame starting at 6:40, with guests Matt Haney, the MDI principal and others.

I have had the pleasure of broadcasting 18 of the girl's 21 games this year. This is a great group, who have represented themselves, their school and community with pride and dignity. They deserve this tonight! They have worked hard, and I hope they win! I have been accused of being a bit of a "homer" when I broadcast the MDI and Ellsworth games, and I admit it, I am :) I'm not neutral. I travel with the teams, and spend the season with them. I'll be the one in green with the headset on tonight! GO MDI!