Like Florida hasn't had enough bad publicity this week. In the town of Fishhawk, Jenni Conti, who also goes by her mermaid name "Eden Sirene," has been banned from wearing her silicon mermaid costume at not one, but two public swimming pools in the community. As ridiculous as it sounds, the Community Development District board has a "no-fin" policy and while board members say they "love her intentions," the costume is a safety concern. Miss Conti begs to differ saying: "Inside the water, the tail is weightless and it becomes a part of my body. It would not fly off like a kickboard, or swim fin or flipper would. It would not hurt. It's very flexible, it flops around." And it seems the community kind of likes having a mermaid hanging around their pools and have rallied to Conti's support including starting a community Facebook page called "Eden Sirene - The Fishhawk Mermaid," which now has over 500 likes and growing quickly!

(Source Bloomingdale Patch)