It's Throwback Thursday! This week, we're celebrating the British Invasion. February 9th will mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.' So it seems appropriate to share a video of a portion of that performance!

For those too young to remember, 'The Ed Sullivan Show' was a variety show that ran on CBS from 1948 to 1971. Incredibly popular, it was a huge deal to be asked to appear on the show, especially if you were a fairly new group that just recently arrived in the country.

Sullivan originally became intrigued by The Beatles when he saw how their fans greeted them at Heathrow Airport in London. He offered their manager a full-length concert at top dollar, but the savvy manager had a better idea. He asked that they, instead, make three appearances on the TV show, at bottom dollar but as the headlining act,and that they perform two songs at the opening and end of the show. The exposure was legendary for the group.

Enjoy this Flashback to 1964 when America was formally introduced to the boys from Liverpool!