A flash mob was recently held at the front of a Hannaford store. I love the reaction of the woman shopping next to the man who starts the singing. She looks like she didn't quite know what to make of him!

I put out the question to all of you to find out who orchestrated this cool Flash Mob at the Broadway in Bangor Hannaford. What a perfect choice of song that just gets everyone singing, whether they're part of it or not!

Through your information on our Facebook page (and thanks so much for that!), we've learned that the Flash Mob was done by the folks at the First United Methodist Church in Bangor as part of the church's 'Spirit Weekend.' And that guy in the beginning of the video with the headphones on? He's none other than Broadway actor-singer-teacher-arranger Roosevelt Andre Credit! Check out the video (below) of Credit in a more conventional setting. Wow!

What a cool way to bring some joy and music into the lives of these folks! Kudos to the participants for makes us ALL smile on a Monday morning, as well!