When I was young..er I always wanted to be on the Dating Game and like so many young girls I had a little game show thing for  Jim Lange who was the first host of the show which ran from 1965 – 1986.  God bless Jim he passed on Tuesday of a heart attack and yet another of my childhood TV favorites took their reward, he was 81. Being one of the first TV generations  we have the auspicious call to mourn like distant family the stars who came into our homes, made us laugh and gave us escape from a very young age.

In case you were raised by wolves the Dating Game featured either a single woman or a single man questioning three potential dates who remained hidden behind a wall. The show was produced by Chuck Barris who also created the Newlywed Game and the Gong Show.

Also perusing YouTube for a trip down memory lane I found many later to be well known people were contestants on the game like John Ritter and Farrah Fawcett. Also from time to time you’d get to try for a date with a current star of the era like Greg Brady or Michael Jackson. Once there was even a guy chosen who was eventually found to be a serial killer.

So as a farewell to Jim here is a small sampling of The Dating Game.  Enjoy and may he rest in peace.