The social media connection in the Nichole Cable murder case is revealed, along with other details police and prosecutors believe show probable cause to support the murder indictment handed up against Kyle Dube, 20, of Orono today.

As the Penobscot County Grand Jury was meeting to consider indictments, Superior Court Judge William Anderson was considering arguments heard earlier in the day on a motion to reconsider the impoundment of the probable cause affidavit filed by State Police in the case.

Last week Judge Anderson granted defense attorney Stephen Smith's request to seal the document, citing concerns about Kyle Dube's safety, and that of other people identified as being part of the investigation. Smith also cited concerns about his defendant's ability to get a fair trial.

Late this afternoon as the murder indictment was handed up, Judge Anderson released the affidavit in support of probable cause.

The affidavit indicates computer forensics conducted by the State Police Computer Crimes Unit shows a fake Facebook account in the name of Bryan Butterfield, who knew Nichole and was interviewed by police, was created from the same IP address linked to the computer being used by Kyle Dube at his parents home.

Butterfield told police he was aware there was another Facebook account in his name and that he suspected it was created by Kyle Dube because he wanted to have sex with Cable but she had refused his advances.

The affidavit also states investigators with the State Police interviewed Kyle Dube's girlfriend, Sarah Mersinger, who said Dube told her where he had disposed of Nichole Cable's body.

According to statement details released in the court document, Dube's brother, Dustin Dube, told detectives that Kyle Dube had planned to kidnap Nichole and hide her, intending to find her later to be proclaimed as a hero.

According to Dustin Dube, Kyle waited in the woods wearing a ski mask, jumped Nichole and duct taped her and when he removed her from the back of his father's pickup in Old Town, discovered she was dead.

The autopsy report from the State Medical Examiner's office indicating Nichole Cable's cause of death has not yet been released.

The affidavit also reveals the State Police Crime Lab was successful in getting a DNA sample from Dube during an interview and it matched DNA recovered from clothing found during a search for Cable.

An arraignment date has not yet been set.