Bangor Police dog, Endumin, officially retired yesterday after five years of service with the Department!  A retirement party was held at the Bangor International Airport where Endumin spent most of his time sniffing around for explosives, as he was part of Bangor PD's Bomb Squad!

According to the Bangor PD's Facebook page, Endumin was the Department's and the Airport's K-9 ambassador, he was part of many tours, school visits and the Citizen's Police Academy!

Endumin is a Belgian-Malinois and approximately ten years old. He will spend his retirement with his partner and owner, Officer Dan Scripture.  Officer Scripture said, " He certainly will be missed by the airport.  He's a good boy.  I'm going to take good care of him because he's taken good care of me".

Thanks for taking care of us too, Endumin! Endumin will continue living with his partner and I'm told is looking forward to plenty of couch time!