The Maine Soccer Coaches  Bowl All-Star players have been selected for the November 17th  Bowl Games to be played at Hampden Academy. It's the 19th Annual Soccer Senior Bowl.

Special congratulations to the following Ellsworth and MDI players who were selected to play!


Emily Berry, Katey Curtis, Kaiti Kinney, Steven Mahon, Jeff Weeks


OpaI Curless, Hannah Shaw

The complete Class B Girls Team

Emma Gutheinz, Camden Hills, F,: Sammy Camy, Caribou, B, : Sarah Doak, Caribou, M, : Bria Judd, Caribou, F, : Delaney Williams, Caribou, B, : Emily Berry, Ellsworth, B,r: Katey Curtis, Ellsworth, F, : Kaiti Kinney, Ellsworth, B, : Avery Bond, Erskine Academy, M, : Maddie Page, Hermon, B, : Claire Petersen, Hermon, M, : Mollie Roy, Hermon, M,: Kaitlin Saulter, Hermon, F,  Opal Curless, MDI, M, : Hannah Shaw, MDI, K, : Hannah Graham, Presque Isle, F,  Krystal Kingsbury, Presque Isle, B, : Pilar Elias, Waterville, F,

The Complete Class B Boys Team

Alex Blackwell, Camden Hills, F,: Zach Pitcairn, Camden Hills, F,  Marshall Spear, Camden Hills, K,: Peter Vannorsdall, Camden Hills, M, : Matthew Milliard, Caribou, M, Sr: Steven Mahon, Ellsworth, K, : Jeff Weeks, Ellsworth, B,: John Ferguson, Oceanside, B,  Cody Lyford, Presque Isle, K,  Ben Nickerson, Presque Isle, F, : Tyler Seeley, Presque Isle, B, : Danilo Guthro, Waterville, M, : Kaleb Kane, Waterville, B,: Alex Berard, Winslow, K,: Taylor Roy, Winslow, F,