EPD photo

Sometime last week while rummaging through a bunch of donated items employees  of the Maine Goodwill store in Ellsworth came across something very interesting when they opened a book titled "Dens Of Lions."

An employee thought that the book seemed a little heavy, and when they opened the book they saw that the innards had been neatly carved out, and it was a hiding place for a vintage .31 caliber black powder pistol.

The book came to Ellsworth via the Goodwill's distribution center in Gorham.

Ellsworth police now have the pistol and they've run the serial number on the gun through an ownership database with no luck.

Den of Lions was written by Terry Anderson, a former reporter for the Associated Press. Anderson was taken hostage in 1985 by Shiite Hezbollah militants in Lebanon.  He was released in 1991.

The EPD would like to return the gun to it's owner.  If you have any information about whom that may be call them at 667-2133.