The Ellsworth Girl's Summer Basketball squad traveled to Washington Academy in East Machias this past weekend, and went 3-2! The following teams competed in the round robin tourney: Ellsworth, Washington Academy, Calais, Sumner, Narraguagus and Belfast.

The Ellsworth Girl's team was comprised of:

Freshman: Sam Mason, Kacie Omlor, Callie Hammer

Sophomores: Maddie Card, Caitlin Bean, Abby Lynch, Olivia King, Courtney King, Courtney Wasson

Junior: Maddie Dow

Senior: Morgan Card

Game 1 Ellsworth High School 41 Narraguagus 37

Maddie Card 17 points, Morgan Card 15 points, Caitlin Bean 5 points

Game 2 Ellsworth High School 35 Washington Academy 38

Morgan Card 19 points, Kacie Omlor 5 points

Game 3 Ellsworth High School 28 Belfast 23

Morgan Card 9 points, Caitlin Bean 5 points

Game 4 Ellsworth High School 52 Sumner 24

Morgan Card 23 points, Maddie Card 15 points

Game 5 Ellsworth High School 28 Calais 52

Morgan Card 9 points, Caitlin Bean 6 points, Maddie Card 5 points