One of the neat things that I have been able to do over the last 7 years is to talk with the seniors of Ellsworth and MDI during Senior Night, or a night close to that. It's a nice thing to do, as I have seen these students start on the JV team or in the rare case on the Varsity team, and seen them grow over the years, as they mature into young adults, getting ready to go onto the next stage of their life. Now that we have the website, we can upload the audio, as opposed to just burning CD's for the parents.

Ellsworth Seniors With Their Parents on Senior Night January 30, 2014 (Photo Courtesy Michelle Mahon)

Last night, it was Senior Night for the Ellsworth Boy's Basketball team. Honored, were Steven Grant (#11) along with his parents Victoria and Larry Taylor; Steven Mahon (#23) along with his parents Michelle and Jon Mahon and Dylan Young (#21) along with his parents Tina and Evan Young. I love the ceremony when the student athlete gets a flower and presents it to their parents. Their parents shuttled them to and from practice before they were able to drive, spent countless hours at games, adjusted meal times and more. Being a varsity student athlete affects the entire family.

Here's the post game audio