Ellen Degeneres is known for scaring her coworkers and playing elaborate pranks. So when she decided to give ten thousand dollars to a student as a reward for his gift of life, she just had to make him sweat a little first!

19-year-old Ford Yates is a Freshman at the University of Texas and he's a pretty special guy. This year, when his friends were heading off to party at the beach for spring break, he was in the hospital, donating bone marrow to a guy he'd never met. Yates donation saved the life of a 63-year-old man with leukemia.

When Ellen heard about Yates, she was impressed and wanted to do something to reward him for his kindness and generosity. But, hey, he's a college student. He'll appreciate a good prank. Right?

Absolutely! Watch as Ford and his Mom get taken on a limo tour of Hollywood. They thought they were headed to visit Ellen on the set. But....they never quite make it there!