It's the most wonderful time of the year for children, and the most pressure filled time for parents! I'm not talking about Christmas, per se, I am talking about Elf and the Shelf time! The day after the Thanksgiving is when elves magically reappear and sit on shelves until Christmas Eve. Some just move the Elf, (for God's sake, don't forget to move him/her!) and others create full scenes.

Photo Carrie Krason Mansolilli

One of my friends Carrie, creates scenes, and this is the 3rd year she's been so kind to allow me to post her pictures on the WDEA website, so other parents can get inspiration! If you search Elf on a Shelf on the WDEA website, you'll find about 60 ideas, and they continue to grow.

If you do Elf on a Shelf, and want to have your Elf featured in these daily posts from now until Christmas, please send me a facebook message, or an email to and let me know your Elf's name, and just give me permission to use your photo!

Have fun with your Elf, don't forget to move him or her and Happy Holidays!