It's December 9th, and 16 days until Christmas! Everyone's Elf on a Shelf is busy flying back and forth to the North Pole, and hopefully all the little boys and girls are staying on Santa's Good List! Want to check where you or your children are on the list? Click HERE to see where you are at any given moment on Santa's Naughty or Nice List!

Marco got into the Chocolate Santa!  Looks yummy but aren't you supposed to share that Santa rather than eating it all by yourself?

Photo Carrie Krason Mansolilli

Flake decided that the gingerbread house needed a little enhancement! He added a chocolate walkway!

Photo Paula Dowsland

A very creative use of M&M's and Hershey bars! I think that it added to the value of the house! Realtors would approve!

Photo Paula Dowsland

Marty had a little Elf milk. Hmmm... I never knew Elf milk was green!

Photo Angie Chamberlain

And lastly, Sugar didn't want to get sick and infect everyone at the North Pole, so he appears to be in quarantine!

Photo Missy Lewis Higgins

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