Today, we have some GREAT Elf On a Shelf pictures. If you're doing Elf On a Shelf, these are some great ideas, and of course, you can click HERE for three years worth of Elf On a Shelf pictures!

The good Doctor has arrived, Doctor Who, I mean Doctor Marco the Elf is taking the tardis for a little time travel back to the manger scene!

Photo Carrie Krason Mansolilli

Speaking of time travel, it would appear that Cricket  has moved forward to Easter! Hmmm, Elf On a Shelf at Easter?

Photo Jess Marks

Flake seems to have gotten into a place he shouldn't and is now stuck! Luckily Buzz, Woody and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are there to help!

Photo Paula Dowlsand

And lastly, Marty is making breakfast, even wrapping a birthday present. What a helpful little Elf today!

Photo Angie Chamberlain