There are just 19 days until Christmas and the Elves on A Shelf are busy moving around and reporting back to Santa. Here are some of the pictures and back stories of various Elves on a Shelf. If you're doing it, don't stress out, we have some great ideas for you from pictures taken over the last three years. You can click HERE for them!

Marco decided that he would make a friendship bracelet. Hmmm direction reading is not an option!

Photo Carrie Krason Mansolilli

You remember that bumping noise you heard in the middle of the night? Maybe you got up to look around and couldn't find anything? Not to worry, it was just Marty sliding down the stairs!

Photo Angie Chamberlain

Cricket the Elf was on guard last night when the Grinch paid a visit to the house! You don't want to mess with a Elf On Guard!

Photo Jess Marks

And nothing starts a morning off like Hot Cocoa! Flake knows that but he's going to have to get some help cleaning up afterwards!

Photo Paula Dowsland