We are coming into the heart of basketball season, and unfortunately, I woke up Sunday morning not being able to talk! While my wife is pleased with this situation, it makes it very difficult to broadcast basketball games!

Given the fact that we have 5 games scheduled this week, Tuesday- Saturday, I am reluctantly going to listen to common sense and NOT do the Ellsworth-GSA Boy's basketball game tonight on the radio. My fear is that if I attempt to broadcast the game, I'm going to do damage to my throat or vocal chords, and the rest of the week will be in jeopardy! So....No game Monday night, January 4th. We will have a box score and recap up on the website as soon as I receive the information from Coach Bagley.

Games rest of the week are as follows:
Tuesday January 5th Ellsworth Girls at MDI 7 PM Tip Off 6:40 Pregame
Wednesday January 6th MDI Boys at Ellsworth 7 PM Tip Off 6:40 Pregame
Thursday January 8th MDI Girls vs. John Bapst 7 PM Tip Off 6:45 Pregame
Saturday January 9th Ellsworth Girls at Houlton 2 PM Tip Off 1:45 Pregame followed by Ellsworth Boys at Houlton