I love to eat at Dysarts, you too? Well then we need to get ready to tune in to the Food Networks latest incarnation of 'Chopped'.  This time around beginning in March they will be featuring truck stops and our own Dysart's chef Shaun Yazbek will be competing for $10,000!

Known by most of us as chef Yaz he has been creating wonderful food at the Dysarts in Hermon since 1994. Word is he is the genius behind their great roasted turkey and stuffing, my favorite!

When asked how he felt about the pressure of competition he told the BDN:

“I love the challenge of it,” he said. “I love the idea of Maine being showcased and Dysart’s being showcased.”

 “It was an experience. It was a lot of pressure. You’re working with the unknowns. You have to be fast on your feet,” Yazbek said.

 “I love to shine on camera,” Yazbek said with a laugh.

“Chopped,” which is in its 27th season, gives four chefs the opportunity to showcase their skills and food knowledge in each episode. The competition is broken into appetizer, entree and dessert courses, each of which must include mystery ingredients. After each course, one chef is eliminated by a panel of judges based on the dish’s creativity, presentation and taste.