I admit it. I am a new Duck Dynasty disciple. (Did you know one member is coming to Maine?) I love the show! Unlike most reality shows, this one is about a coherent, functional (as opposed to dysfunctional), God-fearing family that has not let their money or fame ruin the basic family structure. I love their basic values. But.....dating advice from Uncle Si? You have to see it to believe it!

I couldn't believe that I enjoyed the show as much as I did. I expected that it would be like so many reality shows...caught up in too much drama, fighting among the family members, and over-the-top relationship squabbles.

Instead, I found a family that loves each other. Yes, they have their quirks, for sure. Mama Kay is a hoarder who wants to try everything she sees. She gets her way, and admits defeat gracefully if she fails at what she tries.

Willie and Jace are typical brothers, who love each other, but do everything they can to annoy each other. Jace builds himself an office? No problem. Willie hooks a truck up to it, hauls it away, and turns it into a pen for Mama Kay's goats!

And then there's Uncle Si. What's in that tea that he drinks, anyway? I actually Googled it, and came up with the fact that it's actually tea. Hmmm.....not sure I believe that! If there's anyone on the planet that I would not want my sons taking dating advice from, it would have to be Uncle Si. Not exactly a lady-killer.

He, however, would disagree! So listen in as Uncle Si gives dating advice to Martin. Did he really have to put on a feather boa to do it? Apparently so!

By the way, did you know that Martin is coming to Maine? He will be the keynote speaker at Maine Sportsmen's Night on October 12th at Mount View High School in Thorndike! Get all the details on how you can see Martin on the Maine Sportsmen's Night website!