Talk about a trip back in time! The old drive in on the Bangor-Hermon town line is planning on re-opening this summer on July 1st! The Bangor Daily News is reporting that the venture owned by Cinema Bangor LLC which is  a partnership, with partners including Carol Epstein and Joe O’Donnell of Belmont Capital in Boston. Cinema Bangor LLC, also owns the Bangor Mall Cinema. Epsteins's father opened the drive-in on June 7, 1950.

The last time movies were shown at the drive -in was in 1985 and the last film shown there was “Rambo: First Blood Part II.” This summer the drive-in will offer double features nightly, and will offer a full concession stand. There won't be the old speakers that you used to put in the window, rather the sound will be piped into your car through a low power FM station, through your car radio! You won't have to sneak people in the trunk either, as pricing will be by the carload!