With all the snow and ice as of late, one thing to remember is to clear a way for fuel delivery to your home.  During the past week or so many Maine energy companies have reported not being able to safely get a loaded fuel delivery truck to a customers home.

Remember, it's not up to the fuel delivery driver to remove broken tree limbs from your driveway and it's not up to him to shovel a way to your propane tank.  It is though up to the driver to determine if he can safely deliver fuel to your home, and if he can't you may be out of luck, at least for awhile.

According to an article in the Kennebec Journal, a spokesman for Dead River Company said, "“We contact the customer and talk to them about what needs to be done to get the truck in. It’s not uncommon that these things happen.”

A few tips that will pretty much ensure delivery:

#1--Plow or shovel your driveway wide enough to get a big delivery truck into it.  Remember that these trucks are bigger than your car or truck.

#2--Shovel a path to your home's oil filler pipe or propane tank.

#3--If public roads are not cleared sufficiently, then call city hall and complain.