They call him the Waving Man. Folks driving on Washington Street in Camden will notice a man sitting on the side of the road in his wheelchair, waving at passing motorists when they wave at him. His original motives are not what you'd think, but the popularity its brought him prompted a famous songwriter to recognize him.

86-year-old Kert Ingraham told WABI-TV that he started going out by the road, not to wave at people, but rather to smoke. The senior center where he lives doesn't allow smoking on the grounds, so Kert wheels himself off the property to indulge in a cigarette. But he soon found that people passing by in their cars would honk and wave. Even the police and fire departments will do it. And Ingraham told TV-5 he's happy to return the greeting!

Singer-Songwriter Don McLean lives in the area and has seen Ingraham returning the waves of passersby. So he wrote a song called 'The Waving Man' about Kert. A quick search of YouTube and I found a video featuring the song and Kert. Check it out! And, next time you're in Camden, swing by and give Kert a honk and wave....he'll return it with a wave and a smile!