It's no secret that Jack Russells love to play. Copernicus will run and fetch and jump until he's ready to fall down. But this pup finds an unusual companion for a game of ball....a turtle!

A road near where we live in Orrington has a sign up this time of year that says "Slow - Turtle Crossing." The first time my son saw it he thought it was a joke meant to express how we live in the country. But no, it's a real sign and we truly see turtles crossing the road in that area.

As a matter of fact, Jim rescued one the other day that was trying to cross a particularly dangerous part of the road. (for turtles, anyway!) When he set it on the opposite side of the road, however, it started to walk back across to the spot it came from. So he tried to move it again, and the turtle ran. I didn't know they could move that fast, but he did!

This video will show you how a turtle can run. And how frustrated a Jack Russell gets when someone else is playing with his toy. Very cute!