Imagine the grief a Mom experiences, to wake the day after Mother's Day to discover your teenage daughter has not come home.

Could you endure the pain and uncertainty as police investigate and days go by with no word?

Then, the worst imaginable news arrives that your daughter has been found dead; the victim of a violent crime.

15 year old Nichole Cable thought she was meeting someone she had talked to on Facebook, but, she told her mother Kristine she was meeting with someone else at the end of her driveway as to not arouse her mother's suspicions.

As the investigation unfolded the Facebook connection was revealed and it became clear how easily social media could be manipulated by violent predators.

Unfortunately, the things that Kristine Wiley has learned since her daughter's death can do nothing to bring Nichole back.

Wiley does hope however that by providing other parents and teachers with some helpful techniques to track kid's online activity, she can spare others from having to experience the nightmare she's been living.

Wiley is hosting an informational forum tonight at Old Town High School from 6-8pm.

"My hope is to give parents awareness and give them some safety tips, and to let them know that this can happen to anybody. That this can happen to any family, not only someone else's child, it can be your child and you need to take the precautions knowing everyday that something could happen," states Wiley.

20 year old Kyle Dube is being held in the Penobscot County jail on charges of kidnapping and knowing or intentional murder in connection with Nichole Cable's death.

No trial date has yet been set.