So I received the press release today from the State Treasurer's Office, saying that there was an additional $13,506,933.25 added to Maine's Unclaimed Property Fund.

"Over the last year, the Office of the Treasurer has received over $13 million worth of unclaimed property that rightfully belongs to the people of Maine. This total includes 52,000 individual properties. Over prior years, the State Treasurer has received $191 million that has not yet been claimed," said Maine Treasurer Neria Douglass. "Mainers should check our website to see if we are holding property that belongs to them, or someone they know," Douglass added.

So I checked, and sure enough my name was on the list! So I filed my claim, and I have some money coming my way! How about you? It's worth a shot! Just click on this link to take to you the State Treasurer's Unclaimed Property Page! Good luck!