I was reading some research recently commissioned by a cleaning products company called Karcher Window and Vac only to find out I am more macho than I thought…at least when it comes to cleaning.

According to their research 2/3rd of women surveyed clean places and things their partner has just done.  In my mind this is a mistake on their part, it seems like judgment and a lack of appreciation.  I also think that guys do a lousy job with the intent that eventually you’ll just tell them to stop doing it.  Who’s the dummy now?

Seems like some of the survey’s respondents did seem to have the same idea citing 4 out of 10 women think the guy does half the job to get out of being asked in the future.

Now, to date I live by myself, lest we not forget the Bunny, and so I do what I want with no one to give me flack.  That said I apparently clean like a guy about 60% of the time, who knew.  Here is what cleaning like a guy means literally according to this study:

  • What my mom refers to as the Dorothy act. Which means shoving everything messy into another room or closet so the room you want clean, looks clean. Guilty.
  • Rather than emptying the trash stuffing it down further into the can. Guilty, I generally use my foot.
  • Putting whites in with colors. Yeah so?
  • Throwing bleach in the toilet instead of cleaning.  I’m not to guilty of that one.  I like a clean bowl.
  • Leaving streaks on mirrors.   Does toothpaste splatter count?
  • Picking bits of stuff up off the floor instead of vacuuming. I was actually giving myself credit for picking it up.  I mean come live with a rabbit.
  • Rinsing the shower instead of scrubbing it. Again I thought rinsing deserved credit.
  • Dusting around things instead of lifting them up.  50/50 for me.
  • Not putting recycling in the bin. That is the one I pretty much never do.
  • Not washing food off the dishes properly.  Of course not, I have a dish washer. Praise God.

To add more sour grapes to a guy’s efforts the survey concluded to say:

1/5 of women appreciate the effort but wish they’d just not bother.

1/10 ladies surveyed say they have to completely re-clean want ever he has done.

6 in 10 women say they wish they’d just found another way to be helpful

And here’s an interesting twist, a third of these gals didn’t want anyone else cleaning their house and the last straw… over half of the surveyed say they judge other people for how clean their houses are.  I think they may need to look into a hobby.

Lucky for us this study was done in the UK and lucky for me someday I’m gonna marry a guy.  Phew!