Would you be interested in working in the shoe industry in Dexter?  If so, there will be a job fair this Saturday at the Dexter Town Council Chambers between 9AM and noon.

At one time the show industry was going gangbusters in Dexter.  It was just twelve years ago that Dexter Shoe had a workforce of 750.  Local business man Gerry Marshall believes that the shoe industry can be revived in Dexter.  Marshall owns the former Dexter Elementary and junior high school buildings and believes that the time is now to get started.

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, Gerry Marshall has been contacted by out of state shoe manufacturers who have told him, “that are aware of Maine’s reputation in the shoe making industry and who have asked about our workforce and availability … so it’s great to know you guys can hit the ground running if we have a prospect.”

The first step is to find out if an appropriate workforce if available.  Even if you'd like part time work, organizers would like to meet you this Saturday at the Job Fair.  Also, if you have past experience from working in the shoe industry, they'd like to know if you'd be available to train others.

For more information you can contact the Dexter Town Office or the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development