[UPDATE 11:49 a.m.] Town officials this morning have confirmed that four streets have been shut down as a result of the flooding. Those streets are St. Francis Street, Lincoln Street, Water Street and Liberty Street. Residents of those areas are being evacuated from their homes.

The town of Dexter is dealing with a lot of water, raised culverts, and a gaping hole in the ground after heavy rains caused flooding overnight. One entrance to the municipal parking lot is gone and many downtown businesses are closed.

Fire Chief Matt Connor told us about what's going on.

"We got a little bit of water, some flooded basements in the downtown area, the town office specifically," Connor said. "Shortly thereafter, about 7:30, a small road that runs between Millside fitness and the old historical society completely let go. Probably 14 feet wide and 12 feet deep, the culvert's gone, the little thru-road's gone, we've got culverts up in the air on Lincoln Street."

The old historical society has a portion of the building that's on stilts and there's some concern about whether it might collapse. Connor says all of downtown is reopened, but not all the businesses are open at this time. He says the fire department is currently monitoring the culverts and potential for more flooding on Lincoln and Center Streets.

Judy Wilbur Craig of the Dexter Regional Development Corporation told us that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA has been notified.