One of my favorite Kathy Mattea songs "Come from the Heart" says "You got to dance like nobody's watching. It's gotta come from the heart if it's gonna work." That's exactly what a series of videos currently on You Tube display - people dancing like nobody's watching. The only catch is that the other people can't hear the music either! (notice the IPod headphones!)

I watched a few of these videos and this is definitely my favorite. I noticed in a few of the others that people weren't really noticing the dancers...or they just weren't letting ON that they noticed. But this young woman makes it impossible for them to ignore her!

Another reason why I like this video is because it's in an airport. The atmosphere in airports has become so stuffy. You have to be so careful not to call attention to yourself...not to arouse the suspicion of security. Why this girl got away with this without security running to question her...I have no idea. But it made me laugh! Remember...even though you can hear the music....none of these airport patrons can hear it!