I had an opportunity to get a private cooking lesson this afternoon from the Executive Chef of the Bar Harbor Inn, Chef Lou Kiefer. I have quite a bit of culinary training, having worked in, and managed kitchens, but to see Chef Kiefer prepare a couple of dishes, this afternoon, and in front of a camera was amazing.

In this video, Chef Kiefer prepares Shrimp Papperdelle, an item that is on the Bar Harbor Inn's Reading Room Restaurant's menu. It looked, smelled and tasted delicious!

We are going to be presenting more videos from Down East Maine, and next week, will be starting a "This Week in Bar Harbor" series, with Jennifer Wright and others from the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce. One of the events we will cover will be The Taste of Bar Harbor, Celebrating the Traditions and Flavors of Down East Maine, May 15-18 which was just awarded an "Editor's Choice" for events by Yankee Magazine!