Wouldn't it be great if the Ellsworth Volleyball team members baked and delivered freshly baked cookies to you whenever you wanted? Well, that's kind of impossible, but they're offering you the closest thing, and it will benefit the Ellsworth Volleyball team!

They're having a cookie fundraiser this Tuesday, August 23rd, but if you're interested, you can reach out to your favorite Ellsworth volleyball player and pre-order yours now! They are selling tubs of cookie dough from Southern Living/Cooking Light and each tub is $20.00. There are 3 flavors available: chocolate chip, peanut butter and snicker doodle.

Payment is not due until the cookie dough is received. Orders placed will be received in about 2-3 weeks.

So, while they can't make and bake the cookies for you, you can can make and bake them whenever you want, and think of and support the Ellsworth Volleyball Team!

Go Eagles!