A controversial ad for a new soft drink features a flight attendant telling herself that all her passengers are going to die. The online commercial for Zenonade, posted on YouTube, is targeting consumers in the Czech Republic but is in English. In the ad, as the stewardess goes through her pre-flight safety instructions, her audible inner monologue says, "I'm going to be the first to leave this plane, and you're all going to die." As the camera scans the cabin, she says, "Dead. Dead. Dead." She then points at herself and says, "Alive." As a voice on the intercom says, "We wish you a pleasant flight," the stewardess flashes a ghoulish grin. The tagline then reads: "Zenonade: At Your Own Risk." Ad Agency CEO Martin Lochmann said that so far the ad hadn't generated many complaints. He did reiterate that, "This is not meant to be serious."

(Source Ananova)