You're invited, this Saturday night, to have some fun, get a few laughs, watch someone potentially eat something disgusting, and benefit a family who's dealing with cancer. Yes, you read right...and you get to vote for what the star of the show will eat!

Rich Ireland met Caleb Smith's Mom on Facebook and he was touched by her family's strength in the face of her son's cancer diagnosis and treatment. According to the TeamCaleb Facebook page, he was diagnosed with Leukemia just 13 days after his 4th birthday. Now, at 6 years old, Caleb will continue to undergo treatment for another year. But in all his pictures, he's got a big smile!

Rich says he plans to tell some jokes and some stories, to hopefully make everyone laugh! Since he's not a professional, he told me doesn't feel right about asking people to pay an admission price to see him. But he does hope everyone makes a donation, of some kind, to help out Caleb's family. Even if he only raises enough so that Caleb's Mom and Dad can take an evening to themselves for a dinner out, Rich says he'll feel good that he was able to help.

He has a unique way to raise those donations too! At the event, there will be four jars. One will hold crickets. Another, called the Paula Deen special, will contain a stick of butter. The third will have pickled pigs feet, which Rich says he's never eaten. And the fourth...well...that's a MYSTERY jar! Throughout the evening, folks will vote for the jar they prefer and, at the end of the evening, Rich will EAT the contents of the winning jar!! (I seriously hope it's NOT the crickets....poor little bugs)

The Comedy for Caleb evening will begin at 5pm on Saturday, September 6th at Cascade Park in Bangor. I hope you can stop by!