Located in a Public Coastal Preserve region, this campground offers some of the best views and hiking trails in Maine.

After looking at every camping site across America, list maker and data collecting website Thrillist has named the top 17 Campsites in the country. Based on facilities, scenery, and difficulty level these campsites are considered the best.

Maine has camping sites all over the state but one stood out from the rest. Listed as number 16 on the list is Fairy Head Campsite. This campsite is located in Washington County and is actually a series of 3 spaced out campsites along the Atlantic.

Although this is listed as one of the most difficult campsites to get to it is well worth the drive and the hike. This campsite is surrounded by some of the best hiking trails in the state taking you from forest to the rocky coastline. Pulpit Rock is a popular spot in the area to get some of the best views, occasionally catching a glimpse of a whale or harbor seal.

Cobble stone beaches, tide pools and log ladders are some of the things you will encounter in this coastal preserve. The best time of year to visit this site is right now, late August. This is when the surrounding blueberry bushes are ripe and the bugs are not out as bad!