The Chickadee is moving out.

Since 1927 the black caped chickadee has been Maine's state bird, but due to climate change the little dude is moving towards the Canadian boarder. The chickadee's habitat along the coast is moving more north as the black vulture moves in from the south. The black vulture is found in mid-Atlantic states to South America. Scientists say they have moved into southern New England.

The chickadee is not the only winged friend that isn't taking kindly to Maine's warming temperatures.The Atlantic puffin and saltmarsh sparrow have been showing signs of distress. The saltmarsh sparrow has been unable to find suitable habitats in Maine with the rising ocean levels. The alpine and coastal marsh habitats they prefer are disappearing as the oceans rise. With warming oceans the puffins are having a hard time finding the small fish they prey on.

The black vulture isn't the only new bird to the area. The red-billed woodpecker another southerly bird has been moving into our neck of the woods. In 1990 their was said to be one nesting pair in Massachusetts, now their are hundreds if not thousands.


Could this dude be our new state bird in a few years? Lets hope not.