Great news out of Rochester, New York, where Christopher Clemens' mother, Sarah, is reporting via Chris' CaringBridges website that Chris is making such great progress that he is going to be transferred on Thursday to the Golisano Restorative Neurology Rehabilitation Center. He is expected to stay there for 3 weeks.

According to Sarah

I am writing this update today as a very happy mother. I saw some of Chris’s personality today. He opened his eyes and mouthed words to people throughout the day. The first time was Chris just counting, “1,2,3,4,5,6”. Then, a doctor came in and asked, “How are You?” Chris mouthed, “I am fine.”  The doctor said, “Good Morning” and Chris said “Good Morning”. Later another doctor came in and I asked him to say hi to the doctor… and he did, “Hi Doctor” he mouthed. We asked him if he hurt and he mouthed, “No”. We asked him if he wanted to listen to music and he mouthed, “No”. Around 2pm, he mouthed “Mom” so urgently that, even with a trachea in, Holly and I could hear the whispered word that melted my heart. If you know Chris, you know that he likes to do things in a grand way. Well, his first full long sentence was no different.  His grand finale was mouthing... very clearly and repeating it just in case Holly and I missed it the first time... “Mom, Shut the F… Up!”  That’s my boy! I am a happy mother! Chris is waking up!