The worst driver in the world was caught on CCTV having a very, very bad day. Jim keeps telling me he wants me to learn to ride a motorcycle. And I want to...but part of me is really afraid that I'll be as bad as THIS guy!

I'm guessing this was the driver's first day on a scooter. And hey, it can be challenging! I've driven Jim's old motorcycle a few times and there's a lot to think about...throttling...shifting...balancing. And some of those throttles can be pretty touchy!

Still....if you're having THIS much trouble just going forward, maybe you should walk the bike to the side of the road and call someone for a ride! Obviously, we sincerely hope this man wasn't injured when he fell in that hole. And we admire his tenacity that he would get better at riding....but perhaps this was not the street to do it on!

Keep your eye on the scooter rider in the white shirt. You'll see him right at the top-center of the screen as the clip opens, hitting a white van. Think you're having a bad Monday? I'm hoping it's not THIS bad!