I love Friday nights because that's the night Steve Hartman and his On the Road Series is shown on the CBS Evening News. It's how they always end the Friday night newscasts, and the stories are always provocative and moving. This week, Steve Hartman turns the spotlight on his two boys, and their love for country music. You may ask how can that be bad, but watch and listen, because his kids are paying attention to the lyrics, and most country songs right now are about drinking!

Back when Congress was holding impeachment hearings on President Clinton, I used to change the channel when the news was on and the kids were in the car, as I didn't want to have them hear "oral sex" on the radio, and need to have a discussion with them about that. They were only 9 and 7 at the time, and I thought they were too young to have that discussion, and heck, I wanted my wife to have to give the birds and bees talk!

I'm not advocating that you start listening to Radio Disney, but if you think your kids aren't listening to the lyrics of the songs, you're not giving your kids enough credit! So be prepared to have a discussion with them about what they just heard!