We've all seen them. They're the people who walk behind a live broadcast and wave their arms, make stupid faces, and do ridiculous dances. Video bombers are the bane of every television reporter's existence. So one reporter in Chicago decided to get even.

For those of us who work in radio, it's a different story. You have the people who see that you're on the air at an event and they yell something brilliant and totally original like 'Hi, Mom!' Then there are the ones who will make stupid faces or do something crazy to try and crack you up.

But for television reporters, it's challenging. Especially since, oftentimes, you don't even know they're behind you. I think this guy was probably getting some help from his cameraman. Either that or he has eyes in the back of his head. However he knows what's going on behind his back, it's very funny how he seeks revenge.

How IS that rash, by the way? Ha!