Wind Advisory Friday November 10
Don't put those candles and flashlights away! We may be needing them on Friday, November 17th as the National Weather Service in Caribou has issued a Wind Advisory for Hancock, Washington Counties as well as the Greater Bangor Area!
The “S” Word
One of my jobs on WDEA is to record the weather. I do a morning, afternoon and evening recording every day. Imagine my disgust when I have to use the "S" word for tonight's forecast!
Power Outages October 30 [UPDATE]
High winds are buffeting Maine, and as a result, there are power outages in Downeast Maine and the Greater Bangor area. Wind gusts are expected to gust up to 70 miles per hour this morning, Monday October 30th, and up to 55 miles per hour this afternoon.
Hurricane Force Winds Expected Monday
There's a High Wind Warning in effect from 2 AM Monday through 2 PM Monday afternoon, October 30th. Gusts up to 75 miles per hour are expected along the immediate coast of Maine, the outer Islands and over higher terrain.
Heavy Rain High Wind Expected
We have needed it, and now we are going to get it! We can expect 3 plus inches of rain today and tomorrow, October 25th and 26th in Downeast Maine and the Greater Bangor area.
Peak Leaf Peeping Season Is Here
Just take a look outside your window! For much of the State of Maine, the foliage is at peek, and according to the latest Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Foliage Report dated October 11th, all but Central and Coastal Maine zones are at 75 to 100 percent color. The Central …
Foliage Report October 4th
The one thing about Mother Nature, she's going to do things on her own time, and it appears this year, that Mother Nature is delaying the peak foliage by about a week. In the latest Foliage Report from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, rangers are reporting about a 70 p…

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