Sox, JD Martinez Agree To Deal [VIDEO]
At long last the Boston Red Sox get their guy - JD Martinez. All winter talks went back and forth and ESPN's Pedro Gomez reports the agreement is for five years and $110 million dollars.
Playing Hide and Seek with the Dogs [VIDEO]
I am so going to have to try and play Hide and Seek with the Great Danes in my house! I can just imagine Elmer jumping up and putting his paws on my shoulders looking at me once he finds me and looking me in the eyes and asking "Why are you hiding from me? You know I'm supposed to be joine…
Mommy Fitness [VIDEO]
Staying at home with small children is hard work. It is even tougher if you're trying to do a workout routine, because you can't get to the gym. But these moms have it all under control! Check out the video of these moms working out, incorporating or getting their children involved!
Car Wrap Valentine’s Day Prank [VIDEO]
I'm not sure, but I think if I tried this with my wife it would be the last Valentine's Day we spent together! Somehow I think candy, flowers or just about anything else would be appreciated more!
MDI Hospital’s Move Exercise Tips [VIDEO]
February is Heart Month and Sarah and Deb from MDI Hospital's Cardiac Care Unit showed WDEA's Chris Popper some exercise tips perfect for those who sit often at work. As Sarah said "Sitting is the New Smoking!"

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