16th Annual Ton of Pasta a Huge Success
Thanks to the community we collected just over 2000 pounds, 1 ton, in Ellsworth at the Hannaford on Saturday, February 10th! When you consider that 1 pound of pasta will feed a family of 4, that means 8000 meals were collected!
MDI Boys Race By Ellsworth 65-35 [Box Score/Recap/Photos]
The MDI Boys Basketball Team closed out the regular season at home, at Bernard Parady Gymnasium on Thursday night, February 8th, beating the Ellsworth Eagles 65-35. It was the last regular season home game for Colby Lee, Alden Fournier, Owen Mild, Finn McConomy, Dane Vanzura, Andrew Phelps and Team …
From Coffee to Clean Clothes
In case you haven't seen the sign, of laundromat coming soon, a new laundromat is going into the Tim Horton's location at the Tradewinds Plaza in Ellsworth. As a matter of fact, the laundromat will be opening on Thursday, February 8th.

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