Baby Who Likes the Dark Side [VIDEO]
There's little doubt that this baby is a fan of the Dark Side in Star Wars! You almost have to wonder if he's related to Darth Vader because as soon as he hears the Imperial March, which is always played when Darth Vader enters, he soothes right down and stops crying...
National Anthem Hiccups [VIDEO]
Singing in front of a crowd can be scary, but if you develop a case of hiccups while singing? That's exactly what happened to this little boy as he sang the Australian National Anthem prior to a baseball game in Australia.
You can see the umpires and players looking over their shoulders smiling.…
Handwritten Letter From Santa
Do you want a handwritten letter to your child from Santa? Two of Santa's elves, Kate Dickens and Chase Bickford are working with Santa to provide children with a handwritten letter from Santa, and it's free!

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