3:30 PM Update December 5th

A Captain Nemo's Relief Raffle and Chinese Auction page has been set up. Click HERE

So far we have gift certificates donated for yoga sessions, pilate sessions, Reiki sessions; free one hour sessions and fifty dollars off a session with two talented photography companies, a stand up paddle board to be auctioned off; hand made products, live lobsters, business apparel, free hair cuts and styles, and a number of assorted products from local businesses.

2:30 PM Update December 5th

The Southwest Harbor Library is a collection site for clothing, food, cash or other smallish donations.. The Mad Hatter in Bar Harbor also has a jar up for donations and is collecting clothing. The Ellsworth Ale House is also collecting clothing.

12 Noon Update December 5th

Here are the clothing sizes needed. They were not able to leave except with the clothes they were wearing

Jasper - 32x33 pants. Size 10 shoes. Large Jackets with longer arms. Med Shirts

Bob 36x34 pants. Size 10 shoes. XL Shirts/jacket with longer arms for jackets

Judy 29-30 waist Medium shirts Size 8 shoes

11AM Update December 5th

A bank account at The First has now been set up for Cap'n Nemos and the Cousins Family. You can stop at any branch of The First and make a donation. The Account Name is WE LOVE CAP'N NEMOS. You can also mail donations to The First PO Box 86 Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679

Last night, December 4th, Cap'n Nemos in Bass Harbor was completely destroyed as a result of a fire. Not only is the restaurant a total loss, but it was the home for the Cousins. They did not have fire insurance.

There is a Face Book page set up now, "We Love Cap'n Nemos" that has efforts on fundraising for the Cousins, clothing needs etc. as they lost everything. Donations are also being accepted in Bangor, at Atlantic Designs, 1172 Hammond Street.

There is also a Go Fund Me page. From that page

As you may or may not know, the iconic Cap'n Nemos located in Bass Harbor, ME owned and operated by the Cousin's family tragically burned down on December 4th, 2013. Not only was this their business that put food on their table, but it was their home as well.
And in one night, it's all gone.

Everyone has been touched by this family or establishment in one way or another. Whether it be watching one of the kids play basketball, gathering for an ugly sweater party, singing your heart out at karaoke, having one of their "Sex in the Woods", sitting by the fire, or just listening to the hundreds of stories they had to offer, the Cousin's have truly had a huge impact on the community.

Nemo's was no ordinary community bar… this eccentric place of gathering was a place for the locals. Whether or not you were considered a "regular", anyone who walked through the back or front entrance was welcomed with open arms and a hearty "cheers!".
The stove was always hot, and the drinks always strong. The people always welcoming and the food always good.

With tragedy can come uplifting. Now is the time for us to pull together as a community. We pride ourselves for helping our "neighbor's brother's sister in-law's cousin that is twice removed" if they are in a bind and need a tow, or to borrow your truck if they need help moving, or maybe simple just lending them a boiler so they can put on a lobster bake by the ocean. So how about we reach into our pockets, no matter how shallow or deep they may be and try and find a way to give back to a family that has given back to us. No matter how direct or indirectly they may have impacted your life, this family is part of our community and this tragic accident could not have come at a worse time. It's December in Maine and the whether isn't expected to get any warmer...

Cap'n Nemo's did not have fire insurance. Not only do they need physical donations of clothing, blankets, food, etc... they need monetary donations to assist them in getting back on their feet. Rebuilding their HOME and keeping a roof over their heads this winter.

Tis the season. Please join me in reconsidering your "budget" for this holiday season and consider putting aside some of the money for all those gifts of things many people just "want" and don't truly "need" and instead putting it into the hands of a family that needs us.