Where else can you get dressed up in crazy costumes and hurl yourself and your friends down an iced chute, or ride a mechanical bull?

Camden, Maine is the answer, and you probably thought the beautiful Mid-Coast town was just about browsing fabulous shops and majestic windjammers.

Turns out however, some of the locals years ago got a little bored during the winter months so they decided to create a special event, which has been entertaining the locals and folks from "away" for 24 years now.

It's the 24th Annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships and even though it sounds like a serious, competitive sporting event, it's really filled with fun and foolishness.

Registration for the 2014 event in February is now open.

The national championship weekend has become a major fundraiser for the municipally-owned and operated Camden Snow Bowl and attracts people from all over the Northeast.