Susan Patten and I were laughing today about the 2013 Darwin Awards that just came out. For anyone who doesn't know what they involve, The Darwin Awards are given to people of diminished intelligence and/or common sense who do stupid things, often ending in injury or death. And they're usually pretty darn funny! I went looking for a video of one story in particular and, while I didn't find the actual video, this one is pretty close. And really funny!

The Darwin Awards winner was drunk and decided to rob a liquor store. He picked up a cinder block and heaved it at the window. Unfortunately for him, the window was made of plexiglass and he ended up knocking himself out! And apparently the entire thing was caught on video.

So, as I said, I went online and tried to FIND that video, but to no avail. But I did find these TWO guys who do something very similar...only I think this one is even better! DON'T try this at home....or anywhere else!

If you're looking for a fun stocking stuffer for someone with a good sense of humor, consider picking up one of the Darwin Awards books. My son Dan used to to buy one for me every Christmas and I loved them! Always great for a laugh. Besides....the stories will make you feel SMART!