11 year old Colby Lacasse's time on the Food Network came to an end on Monday night, January 18th, as he was eliminated in Episode 3 of the Kid's Baking Challenge.

Lacasse and the rest of the Kid Bakers had to make a chocolate dessert from scratch. Colby chose to make a chocolate cake, but threw his away half way through the competition and started again. The young bakers were supposed to incorporate chilies, peppers, cayenne and other hot and spicy ingredients into their chocolate desserts.

Judges Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli liked Colby's cake, and commented on how moist it was, but didn't think his decorating was up to par, and that there wasn't the spiciness they were looking for in the dessert.

Colby was sent home, but he should be so thrilled with his efforts! He was able to use kitchen equipment that professional chefs only dream of using. He was polite, and handled himself with class! The Food Network hasn't heard the last of Colby Lacasse!